Navigate to options and Rocket League Credits make your way to the Extras tab.

Click on “Redeem Code” and enter the promo code of your choice.

Your item will be added to your account instantly after the redeeming process.

How to get free items in Rocket League.

The best way to get free items in Rocket League will be through redeeming codes like the ones listed above. Most codes will come bundled with cosmetic rewards and if there aren’t any available right now, you’ll need to wait for new ones.

About the author。Over the years, we've seen a range of events and themed seasons arrive in Rocket League, resulting in a massive portfolio of extraordinary items that can spice up your appearance and overall flair in-game. But once these events have ended, so has your chance of getting your hands on the items included. Kind of.

Here's where Rocket League trading comes into play.

Rocket League offers the ability for players to trade their items with another player, meaning if you've missed out on an item that you want to sport on your car, you can simply ask your friends - or strangers - to trade it with you, if you've got something to offer in return. But, how do you trade with other players in Rocket League? Here's all you need to know.Some of the rarest items in Rocket League, such as the Alpha Boost are often traded between players. However, if you're also wanting to do some classic playground swapsies with players, here's exactly how you can do that.

First off, there are a few details that you need to know. You cannot trade in Rocket League unless you have purchased at least 500 Credits. This may seem to be a paywall for some, especially free-to-play gamers, but Rocket League trading does fall victim to scams, and this step is to prevent fraudulent activity.

Players can also only trade items that were purchased or unlocked on the console that they are trading with. Cross-platform progression has allowed players to own items on, for example, PC, which cannot be transferred to their Xbox accounts, meaning you need to be logged Rocket League Items into the console where you have acquired the items you want to trade.